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Welcome to New Florida Beach Homes your #1 online guide and database for Miami and Florida condo preconstruction projects, new Florida beach homes, Miami condo preconstructions, Miami luxury properties, Florida oceanfront condos, new build apartments, new Miami developments, Miami resale condos, Miami condo investments, Florida oceanfront properties, Miami condos under construction, waterfront apartments and Florida new luxury condo construction. New condo development boom in Florida is back! With new condo projects and homes in South Florida come into the real estate market weekly, New Florida Beach Homes work hard to find and post new project inventory. We make an extensive effort to research, collect and provide to our pre-construction condo investors the most complete database of Miami new condo developments all over South Florida including: new project overview, developer, completion date, floor plans, project location map, video and much more. We are a team of real estate specialists will lead you in the search for the perfect Miami pre construction project available. We specialize in real estate in new luxury condominiums

in Miami and South Florida. Whichever Florida area you select for your new Florida home, with years of experience in new Miami projects, we strive to fulfill our most valuable customer’s expectations by delivering the best project purchase advice and outstanding customer service support. We promote a culture of long lasting relationships with our US and international real estate investors and this is our main priority. Contact us when you search for a new Florida preconstruction condo project or luxury homes in Miami area and we will answer all your questions about the new preconstruction project purchase process.

Preconstruction Buying Tips

Why buy new condos in Miami and South Florida at preconstruction prices?

Preconstruction Pricing increase:

One of the most important facts is that new condo builders or real estate developers tend to increase their preconstruction pricing as construction progress and inventory sells. It’s always the best to buy a new condo at the ground level prices or ground breaking level. Register for Pre-Sales and get the best new condo units selection at the best prices available.

New Home Buyer’s Incentives:

Florida new condo builders make it easier than ever before to purchase your new Florida dream home. Developers often contribute cash towards buyers closing cost. As a new condo buyer you can use this contribution to pay for condo upgrades or other costs associated with buying a new Miami home.

Real Estate Investment:

New apartments as built makes a great future investments as Florida real estate is known as a great long term investment. New home builder’s prices in general lower than the surrounding market. Large home builders don’t have to make as much per square foot when selling brand new homes than competition as they sell volume. Lower pricing allows new condo developers sell inventory quickly compared to other real estate sellers.

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